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I am a medical doctor specializing in warts.

Warts in general, and warts in skin, are called "malignant melanoma" or "melanoma". A large part of the warts are harmless, but others, such as those that turn into lesions and are hard to remove, are often fatal. Most of the warts, including warts on the skin, are called "inflammatory warts". Some of these warts turn into a malignant melanoma. This means that this wart will have a higher rate of recurrence and spread to other parts of the body. You can reduce your risk of recurrence of warts by reducing the amount of sun exposure that you get. Most people with warts have some type of skin cancer, but many don't know. The most common type of cancer is called skin cancer (melanoma). Other cancers can also occur. The main cause of melanoma is being exposed to the sun in the long term.

There is a lot of good information available on warts. This website has information about warts, their causes and treatment. I can help you reduce your chances of getting warts, so you will never have to suffer the pain of warts again. The warts will be gone, you won't have to endure the sunburns, or the itchiness, and the warts will not be bothersome.

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